Partner Profile: Mennonite Central Committee

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Five principles guide the Mennonite Central Committee as ministry of Anabaptist churches prepares to mark its first full century of service over the next two years.

Founded in Sept. 1920, the committee has grown from being an organization focused exclusively on feeding starving Mennonites in Ukraine to one that this past year sent volunteers and much needed supplies to 56 countries across the globe.

Whether its running workshops on conflict transformation and peacebuilding or sending comforters, hygiene kits and canned meat to people in the most desperate of times, the projects the committee’s 1,100 workers and their partners devote their time and energy toward the following:

  • Caring for the lives and futures of uprooted and other vulnerable people,
  • Providing water, food, and shelter to people whose lives have been touched hunger, disaster, or conflict and then following these gifts with education and ways they could earn an income,
  • Working with churches and communities to prevent violence and promote peace and justice,
  • Investing in opportunities for young people to serve in the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world, and
  • Serving with humility and in partnership with local organizations as its members work to meet local needs with local solutions.

None of this, though, would be possible without the many people who donated their time, their money, and their prayers toward furthering the committee’s work. Mennonite Aid Plan is a proud supporter of Mennonite Central Committee(MCC). Visit to learn more about the organization and how you can get involved.

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